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ISBN# (10) 1-906023-42-5/(13) 978-1-906023-42-3
November 2007
Alinar Publishing
107 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Maggie is trapped in a gilded cage. Her husband, Dick, is wealthy and successful, but ignores her and belittles her constantly. He hates all her friends and they have all drifted away but one. Her online friends are a constant.

John is an actor on the cusp of stardom, but held back by his relationship with a sexy French actress. He takes a chance at the premiere of his latest movie to invite some friends to the after party.

An unhappy housewife and an equally unhappy actor meet at the premiere of his latest movie and have one magical evening together, but are tied by their obligations, relationships, and ethics.

This is a well written tale with great characters. The Girls are all pretty vivid and diverse people as fans are, and Maggie has formed a firm friendship with them as part of her pursuit of independence and a life apart from her controlling husband. John is for some reason tied to the actress Brigitte, and I could not figure out why. That is the one reason this story did not get a higher rating, as there was no reason for him to be stuck with her that the author gave us. The plot flows smoothly and I liked the paranormal touch of their shared dreams of a former time. The main characters’ ethics and the idea of a love that is never to be, happening over and over through time, makes this a read that I could not put down.

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