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ISBN #978-1-58749-668-4
May 2008
Awe-struck E-Books
199 Pages
Regency Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Lady Jane is in deep trouble after her irresponsible brother takes off when he loses their home in a card game. Now she is forced to find a way to support herself and her two young sisters. Her life was difficult before but now is far, far worse.

Brayden Derrington, Lord Raby has problems of his own. His irresponsible brother maybe dead but his current actions have managed to put the earldom in jeopardy. The problem is Brayden’s brother was leading a gang of aristocratic highwaymen for kicks. They stole the wrong item from the wrong gentleman and unless it is returned to the Regent all may be lost.

A determined young woman will do anything necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of her two sisters. Though their home is lost, several people are interested in a certain artifact that may be hidden in her former house and think that she is the key. Lord Raby is interested in recovering the artifact to save his family’s holdings and title. However, he also finds himself falling in love with the beautiful and sensible Lady Jane.

I really enjoyed this well written Regency. The setting, Manchester, is unusual, as are the main characters, both undervalued and responsible members of their families. The author writes about both the fashionable and workaday worlds of the time and her description of conditions in the factory are very well done without detracting from the story. The mystery of the missing artifact is an engrossing one and adds as much to the story as Brayden and Jane’s rocky romance. The other characters and their environment are vividly portrayed and the dialogue is well written and flows smoothly. This is definitely a must read for fans of this genre.

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