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ISBN#: 9781554871056
August 2008
Extasy Books
94 Pages
Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal
Rating: 2 Cups

Rianne is the wife of Vankor, a demon master. Her life is a nightmare as, night after night, her husband feeds her bright emotions to demons.

Vankor is a demon master and uses his gift for calling demons to make his livelihood. He justifies it by telling himself he has never set a demon on a good person.

When Vankor drags Rianne from her bed to be fodder for demons, she is terrified as well as angry. However, when Vankor tells a demon that he will give him Rianne's brother to feed from she has had enough. She decides she will do whatever it takes to rid herself of her husband. She had always thought that as long as the demons fed from her, her younger siblings were safe, but with Vankor's offer she realizes that is not so. Will a god of darkness hear her plea and free her?

While the author has an engaging writing style, these characters are far too dark for my taste. The way that Ms. Bern uses the characters to make excuses for dark acts is just reprehensible. While the author attempts to show that there is good in the main characters, I just could not see it. I kept hoping for some sort of redemption of Vankor by Rianne's love, and instead got Rianne joining into the evil and even participating in it. The characters are not likeable in any way, and I was not convinced there was any good reason for what they were doing. Unless you enjoy reading about heroes and heroines committing acts of great evil avoid this book.

Warning: This book has mention of children who are imprisoned and has acts of atrocity committed against them.

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