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ISBN# 10- 0373874987
September 2008
Steeple Hill Love Inspired
225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills Ontario Canada M3B 3K9
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224 Pages
Inspirational Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Kate Wallace is coming back home to Silver Lake Texas after twelve years away.

When Kate left she was eager to leave the little town and get into the big city of journalism. But Kate had also left her heart in Silver Lake Rob Chambers, and although they had been close to marriage, Kate knew that she had to follow her dreams first. Kate realized when she came home that, she really needed to heal the pain between herself and her sister, as well as some other old hurts.

Rob Chambers had loved Kate Wallace when he was younger, and it had hurt badly when she left. But he got over it, and married a lovely woman and had a beautiful daughter. But life stepped in and took his wife away. Now Rob holds his feelings inside and does not anything but his daughter and mother touch his heart. But when Kate comes back to town, Rob is challenged to keep his feelings closed off.

Kate’s sister Abby had minor surgery and while Kate was helping out around the house, Kate was also getting to know her nine- year- old niece Brooke better too. As both Kate and Rob danced around their feelings, Kate realized that she was happy to have come home, because she needed the healing of the heart as much as her sister did after surgery. But when things turn, and Kate is offered a permanent job in Silver Lake, Kate struggles to make the decision to stay or not. But even if she stayed; would she and Rob ever have a life together?

This is the most heartwarming, soul touching story, it will bring to tears to anyone with a heart. Ms. Perrine does an exceptional job with this inspirational, there were no miracles or great expectations; just a sensational tale of a woman who comes home; finds and heals not only her heart but others as well. This is a down to earth; life like story that everyone can relate to, and the characters were well developed with depth and great emotions. The romance is sweet and spiritual. A truly extraordinary story.

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