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ISBN- 9780061578250
April 7, 2009
Avon, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
372 pages
Fiction/ Historical
Rating: 4 cups

Charmaine Ryan is the governess to the Duvoisin children, Yvette, Jeannette and Pierre. Charamaine is entrusted with the children’s care by their now deceased mother, Collette. With so much drama encircling the Duvoisin family, Charmaine tries hard to help the children heal, yet remain children.

Frederic Duvoisin marries his deceased wife’s sister quickly after Collette’s death. Agatha is a sour, bitter woman who wastes no love on her sister’s children. Frederic has isolated himself from everyone, though he loves his children.

John Duvoisin is Frederic’s eldest son. He is the heir to the family fortune, though he is willing to give way to his illegitimate brother, Paul. John has never been accepted by his father since John’s mother, Elizabeth, died giving birth. John is able to put his feelings for his father aside in order to help the younger children cope with their mother’s death. John’s return has caused the rivalry between himself and Paul to burn anew. From the family business to Charmaine, the storm that is brewing will put any hurricane to shame.

A wonderful tale full of action, romance and drama, Decision and Destiny is the second book in the Collette Trilogy. In many areas, I may have been able to follow the story better had I read the first book. However, the author does manage to explain things so the reader can follow along. Ms. Gantt spins a beautiful story bringing the characters to life with such flair. Personally, I adored John's relationship with three year old Pierre. Pierre is a typical boy, yet John relishes in teaching him things every boy needs to learn in order to be a man. My recommendation would be to read the first book before this one, but definitely add this one to your ‘must-read’ list.

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