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ISBN# 978-1-60142-099-2
May 2008
Multnomah Publishing
12265 Oracle Blvd, Suite 200 Colrado Springs, CO 80921
489 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Ollie Chandler is a homicide detective who has been on the force for 30 years. He tries his best to keep to himself while pushing people away with cynicism and sarcasm. Even his daughter cannot get close to him. But after his wife's death, he is mad, mad at the world, especially God. He wonders why God allows such tragedies to happen. Hard work with long hours and excessive drinking are the only things he feels are keeping his sanity in order.

Jake Woods & Clarence Abernathy are two of Ollie's dwindling number of friends. Clarence and he are like mixing oil and water together. They are working together on this murder case. Jake and Clarence are trying to get Ollie to let God in his life, only Ollie stills blames God for the bad things that have happened.

Ollie starts to investigate the murder of Portland State University Professor William Paletine. When things do not add up, he starts to uncover the world of police corruption, dirty politics, deceptions and betrayals. Evidence points to a fellow detective but, can he turn in a fellow brother of the badge? Whom can he trust and what danger is he getting into? Only the truth that surfaces can answer that.

This is a story with twists and turns sprinkled with bouts of humor through out. Deception has characters that show their flaws as well as tell an on the edge of your seat story that captures you and takes you within the world of murder and deception. Mr. Alcorn has written another winner. Take some time to enjoy this entraining piece of fiction.

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