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ISBN# 978-1-60592-013-9
October 10, 2008
Noble Romance PublishingLLC
119 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Olivia Breedlove must catch the attention of Morgan, if she wishes to enjoy her inheritance. Her late father’s will states she must find a husband in six months to have full portion to the manor L’Esperance.

Morgan Gatewood is noted as a debaucher of women. Olivia’s father said he was one of Savannah’s disreputable voluptuaries. His plans for his daughter do not include Morgan. Now that he is dead, Morgan has a chance with her.

Olivia and her brother, Cain, inherit the manor, L’Esperance, but there is a clause. Olivia must marry in six months to a man free of dishonor and financially sound. Olivia only wishes Morgan, but he sees her as a childhood friend. Every woman Morgan has kissed, his thoughts were of Olivia. When she tells him about her scheme to find a husband, he is shocked. She expects him to take her to the brothel, while she observes the events. He agrees, until she decides to become a harlot. Morgan puts his foot down, but will it be enough to pull him in as the husband she desires?

Decadent Deceptions is an easy flowing entertaining read. One can almost see the cotton fields flourishing, along with the sights and atmosphere that surround the people as Keta Diablo speaks of the budding life revolving around Savannah. She makes the story so real, it made me want to leave and visit Savannah again. Olivia and Morgan are splendidly fashioned to connect with the reader. I found Cain to be similar to many brothers, and Olivia struggling like any woman to get what belongs to her. Ms. Diablo begins with a great introduction luring the reader into the action and turmoil that follows the characters. She does an excellent job in this engaging story.

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