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ISBN: 9781607670186
December 2008
Tease Publishing LLC
Paranormal romance/mystery
Rating: 3 Cups

Being raised around tools and mechanics all of his life, Wade Roberts works at Kit’s Auto shop. He is a blue collar, hard-working man who smokes cigarettes and swears up a storm.

Isabella Steward, or Bella as her friends call her, is a classy lady working as a teacher. When a horrendous crime is committed against her parents, she is devastated at the outcome.

After loving Bella for three years, Wade cannot believe she just kicked him out of their apartment with no thoughts on their future. Getting a mysterious phone call from a man with a foreign accent that goes by the name of Ben, Bella enlists Wade’s help in her quest to find answers. Flying to Cairo, Egypt seems like the perfect answer, until a mistaken clue leaves them two hundred miles off their mark. As Wade, Bella, and the mysterious caller travel, Wade cannot help but think there is more to Ben than meets the eye.

Ms. Vann has written an interesting story about love being tested and whether it can overcome all obstacles, even death. Death: Passage to Mesentia has fascinating facts about Egyptian culture and ancient burial ceremonies. The characters are well developed, although I have to state that I found Bella to be quite a snob, and I did not like her as much as I did Wade. While slow to start, the story does have a nice buildup to a pinnacle filled with intrigue, danger, and action.

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