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ISBN# (10)1-59052-690-2/(13)978-1-59052-690-3
January 15, 2008
Multnomah Books (A Division of Random House)
12265 Oracle Boulevard, Suite 200, Colorado Springs 80921
Trade Paperback
304 Pages
Fiction/Mystery & Detective
Rating: 4 Cups

Ginger Salinski wants to get her husband's inventions noticed but staying at a hotel that does not offer discounts does not sit well with her, but her husband Earl needs a place he can network. Learning the owner overbooked is something she did not see coming.

Earl Salinski is assigned booth 29 at the Inventors Expo but the minute he and Ginger arrive at the hotel, huge problems arise. It appears he does not have his booth, and some woman is screaming about lost jewelry the minute they try to check in.

Ginger, along with her husband Earl, and a couple friends, decide to take a trip to Nevada for the Inventors Expo. Since Earl wishes to break out as an inventor, Ginger wishes to help further him along. Unfortunately, the owner overbooked not only with the Invention Expo but also the Squirrel Lovers Convention and things get misconstrued. Ginger learns Earl may have lost his booth for the convention then much later, after checking into their room, they discover a dead man wearing a teddy-bear costume. The whole turn of events makes Ginger plunge into the investigation of events, especially when it appears the Invention Expo may be cancelled. In no time, in addition to the dead man, there is a missing squirrel and much-loved cat. Ginger pulls no stops to get down to the truth even when she learns she could be a suspect.

I thought Death of a Six Foot Teddy Bear was a pleasurable read. The characters are quite varied, making this story even more interesting. I adored Ginger and there were moments her expressions were priceless when it came to the squirrel and cat. Sharon Dunn fashions a mystery where the ending was unexpected by this reader. This is her second book in this series and I am sure the next one will be just as charming. With some witty comments, priceless situations, and some characters that will not be forgotten, this tale never gets boring.

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