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ISBN# (10)0-373-26632-4/(13)978-26632-6
April 2008
A Worldwide Mystery
Harlequin Enterprises, 225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3BK9
250 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Joan Spencer is married to Detective Fred Lundquist. She manages the civic symphony in Oliver, Indiana and tries to make sure there are enough violinists for the upcoming concert, then Sylvia puts a dent in her plans.

Sylvia Purcell is a violinist but sometimes playing at a concert is not as important as preserving an old tree that she feels is an important landmark and should not be cut down.

Joan is organizing the upcoming concert, making sure she has enough violinists on hand. Just as the green light is ready to go, Sylvia throws a curveball by saying she has another important event. The environmental activist refuses to allow the construction of losing the lovely tree. Joan must quickly find a replacement. Her son, Andrew agrees to assist in the saving of the tree by taking her place at times, which does not sit to well with Joan. Even his stepfather, Fred, has no luck in talking him out of not interfering with the protestors. Then a tragedy strikes when Sylvia falls from the tree. Joan wonders with all the extra blankets of branches could one not have caught Sylvia’s fall. It soon points to foul play. When it points to Andrew as a suspect, Fred will do everything to protect his stepson. Can he keep Andrew from going to jail or does he believe he helped in Sylvia’s death? Could any of the symphony members, have had a hand in the ordeal? While Fred begins the hunt for the killer, Joan is right behind searching for answers that will not charge her son, as she searches for violinists for the symphony.

I must say Death Climbs a Tree will keep the reader guessing until the dramatic conclusion. There are so many outstanding characters that come into play in this story. Just following along with Joan, with the symphony, and then with Sylvia on the tree is entertaining. When Andrew decided to pitch in and lend a helping hand, the expressions were priceless. I thought Fred was a well-developed figure in the book, as well. Sara Hoskinson Frommer takes a brilliant cast, down to the symphony, and orchestrates a well-written tale that comes highly recommended. Even the town and setting, down to the tree, is beautifully detailed.

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