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ISBN: 978-0-9784302-0-7
September 8, 2007
Clublighthouse Publishing
171 Pages
Paranormal Romantic Mystery
Rating: 2 Cups

Candy Matson is a P.I. with a flare for trouble and fashion. She is in the process of moving up to cushy home in San Francisco’s Telegraph Hill area when her life takes a strange twist.

Lt. Ray Mallard is a detective for San Francisco’s police department. He is also Candy’s fiancé, which gets him into more tight situations than his job does.

Candy cannot believe her luck, good, and bad. She sets off to see her new home, and is waylaid by a call from her lover Mallard. She soon finds herself surrounded by bodies that are literally falling dead at her feet. However the dead have a story to tell that will knock the socks off the world views on the arms race during World War II. Candy and Mallard love solving mysteries, but could this one cost them their life?

This story felt like an episode of M.A.S.H., only substitute Vietnam for W.W.II and throw in some time travel to really confuse things. The historical data was very concise and the rest felt like comic relief. I am not quite sure if the author intended for this to be a spoof, but that is how I took it. I found the characters to be witty and fun. But the grammatical errors and very involved historical references made the story confusing and disjointed.

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