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ISBN# (13) 978-1-4201-0027-3/(10) 1-4201-0027-0
November 2008
Zebra Books/Kensington Publishing Group
850 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022
342 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 cups

Kendall Shaw barely survived when The Guardian nearly murdered her. A reporter who used to think nothing of doing whatever it took to get a story, she is more cautious now because of the experience.

Jacob Warwick is a cop, and one of the ones who were there when Kendall was found. He is attracted to Kendall, but since she is a reporter and he is a cop, it makes things difficult.

When a woman resembling Kendall turns up dead, Jacob is very shaken. While he knows that as a cop he cannot personalize a murder victim and stay sane, her resemblance to Kendall is uncanny. When a second victim turns up that also looks like Kendall, Jacob becomes very concerned for Kendall’s welfare. The only clues the killer leaves behind are pink rug fibers and the pendants with names that he puts around the victim’s neck. Jacob knows there is a connection between the names on the pendants and the victims, but is unable to figure it out. Meanwhile Kendall is having nightmares that she is beginning to suspect are really memories of her birth family, and they are not at all pleasant. It is only when Kendall and Jacob begin putting the pieces together that a picture begins to form. Will they be able to stop a killer before he kills again?

Dead Ringer picks up not long after the ending of I’m Watching You, and the transition is very smooth. I really liked how the author was able to continue the story, and I loved getting to know a couple of the secondary characters from the first book. The suspense is positively bone chilling, as women turn up dead, and Kendall begins poking into the past her adoptive mother tried to hide from her. I loved how Jacob was able to let himself really feel finally, and Ms. Burton did a great job with showing how therapy can be of benefit. I also enjoyed how the relationship between Kendall and Jacob developed, and how they were able to help each other when it came to the more emotional issues in their lives. This is a fantastic read that I could not put down until the last page, and one you do not want to miss!

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