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ISBN: 1-8972-6122-5
April 2007
Champagne Books
301 Pages
Romance/Historical Fiction
Rating: 5 cups

Chloe Roberts has sought Hecate’s Book of Legends for many years and has finally laid claim to it. Being a witch, she is certainly no stranger to the magical world, but she is about to find herself in the center of a struggle between good and evil, which could end in untold destruction.

Dimitri, demi-god and vampire, has spent centuries undergoing unspeakable torture in the pits of hell. He has been made to suffer for his countless crimes, and is now inexplicably unleashed to play a part in the fate of the world.

Now that the Book of Legends has been discovered, only one evil Warlock knows where the true power lies and will stop at nothing to possess it. With the help of magic, vampires, gods, and time travel, Chloe and Dimitri are fighting for their lives and the future of humanity, while combating their own cataclysmic feelings for one another.

Dawn of Redemption is the second book of a trilogy by Starla Childs. It truly lives up to, and possibly exceeds, her first amazing book in the series. This book takes you on a breathtaking journey and does not let go. Because of Childs’ exceptional attention to detail, the characters are all captivating and serve to make the book that much more enthralling. The dialogue is engaging and fun, complete with Scottish accents, and conversations with gods and goddesses. Dawn of Redemption poses a bold, yet unique, view of the origin of vampires with an exciting twist involving ancient gods. From beginning to end, this book is exciting, emotional, fun, and scary. I can only imagine what wonderous story lies in wait within the pages of the next book.

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