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ISBN: 978-1-60168-141-6
October 2008
Aspen Mountain Press
318 Pages
Science Fiction / Horror / Dark Fantasy
Rating: 2 Cups

The world has it in for Harry McMullen. Even when he was a child, people treated him like something foul they stepped in. The only place he can find comfort is in the bottom of a bottle.

Becky Leicht is the Clinical Director for Elizabeth Ross University. After growing up being persecuted for her strange looks, she feels great empathy for her students, especially those needing extra attention. She only wishes her brother Harry was as receptive.

Harry is finally seeing the pain his drinking is causing his family. He no longer feels as if he is alone when it comes to suffering. His mother is dead from emphysema, and his sister just found out she is half alien, so really his life is really not so bad. The alien who impregnated their mother was Kryszka, a species much more advanced than humans, and hungry for raw meat. Harry never knew what horrors lay beneath the streets of his hometown, until the killings started. With his family being threatened by the Kryszka, Harry finds strength he never knew he had, and a family that includes more than just his siblings. But with aliens intent on making him their next meal, is it too little, too late?

This story is much more than a bloody battle of aliens versus humans. At its core is the inner struggle that Harry faces in his fight for sobriety. His character is teetering on the edge, but when it counts, he finds the strength to be the man his family needs for the first time in his life. In my opinion, the wry humor and colloquialisms throughout the story feel somewhat misplaced. However, I wholeheartedly applaud the message conveyed by Ms. Custer’s words.

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