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ISBN# (10)1-934912-05-0/ (13)978-1-934912-05-8
August 1, 2008
Black Lyon Publishing
188 Pages
Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Jasmine Daye had loving adoptive parents but never could learn anything about her past until she turns eighteen. After receiving a gift, she sets out to do some exploring.

Hayden Edward Amarynn has traveled far and escaped milestones of peril to find the one woman that can possibly connect him to his destiny.
Jasmine is told to follow her heart for answers after receiving a note, along with a brass key, giving her ownership to a piece of property on Rue Royal. The deed was dated over a hundred years ago. Entering the home, along the French Quarters of New Orleans.

Jasmine sees a portrait almost identical to her. Then she runs into an attractive man that appears in an abandoned courtyard. Hayden needs help with his dying kingdom and with the help of Jasmine; he hopes to find the answers. He never anticipated falling madly in love with her. Hayden warns to stay on the path because the mist has a tendency of drawing one inside. As they head out, they desperately try to fight the impending attraction pulling them closer together.

Darkenbane: The Fountain is a thrilling ride into a magical forest that absolutely engaged this reader. There were moments I found myself in complete awe with the path that Jasmine and Hayden ensue. They have a chemistry that makes this story most enjoyable. Kimberly Adkins creates an intriguing read. I absolutely love the backdrop of New Orleans and the French Quarter. She depicts the story so beautifully I felt as if I was walking right on Canal Street. Romantic, fantasy filled, and a journey into a host of events that practically come to life, this is one story not to miss. She spins a tale where I want to travel.

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