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ISBN#: 978-1-60313-373-9
July 15, 2008
Whiskey Creek Press
261 Pages
Torrid Romance Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Jeremy Payne is an elite operative for the government. His whereabouts are known to only a select number of people due to the heinous vendetta of drug lord, Jorge Enriquez. Jeremy spends most of his down time alone, and on the coast of Oregon in his very own lighthouse.

Sapphire Knight is hidden away in a cottage on the west coast, about as far away as she could be from New York. She is now under the protection of the government, after witnessing the mob in action. Her life as a screenwriter still exists, but the loneliness of having no family around is wearing on her.

Jeremy lives his life on the edge of society, constantly looking over his shoulder. He cannot get close to anyone for fear of their safety. His career has caused him to be the target for one horribly vindictive drug lord, who will stop at nothing to kill anyone Jeremy cares for. Sapphire has seen her sexy neighbor, but only from a distance. She would love to meet him, but he seems to keep to himself. Her own life has been so lonely since she was sequestered by the WPP. She finally gets her chance, and with one touch they are hooked. They have a connection that neither can explain nor deny, but the danger is both very real and very close. A madman has them in his sights, and they must decide if their love is worth their lives.

This story depicts a love the will not be denied, no matter the consequences. Jeremy and Sapphire know immediately that they have a bond, and the author does not mess around with the game of cat and mouse. She gets right to the heart of her characters, and the reader is transfixed. Suspense keeps the story vibrant and exciting, adding the element of danger to every encounter. Ms. Poff fills her stories with passion, but never compromises plot. I recommend her work, and will gladly read anything she has to offer.

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