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Vintage Romance Publishing
March 2006
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245 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Elizabeth is a successful writer both in the fields of romance and serious literature. Her publisher has pressured her to attend a conference of aspiring writers in the Canadian Mountains. She has come a long way since her divorce from a selfish and temperamental concert pianist, and is using this weekend to decide whether or not to marry Kevin. One bad experience has colored her future relationships, and he is currently employed as the entertainment in the resort’s bar.

Jared once had it all, a successful career, a loving wife, and seemingly endless talent. It took losing everything to make him into a human being. He now realizes that his selfishness caused his problems. He neglected his wife and then left her for another because she did not pay enough attention to him. He now has an opportunity to make amends, but it might be far too late.

A romance writer’s conference becomes a crime scene when two very successful authors are murdered in their hotel rooms. The murderer has to be one of the people staying at the hotel because an early spring blizzard has them all trapped.

Dark Music combines mystery with romantic suspense extremely well. The story is a locked room (or snowed in hotel) mystery in the tradition of Agatha Christie, but updated for today’s reader. The main characters are very sympathetic, and Elizabeth is very likable. Jared is a spoiled brat of a man, but he grows up by the end of the story. The supporting characters are caricatures of people, but very entertaining. This is a story well worth reading.

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