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Death on Demand Series
  Book 1- Death on Demand
  Book 2- Design for Murder
  Book 3- Something Wicked
  Book 4 - Honeymoon With Murder
  Book 5 - A Little Class on Murder

Book 6 - Deadly Valentine

  Book 7 - The Christie Caper
  Book 8 - Southern Ghost
  Book 9 - Mint Julep Murder
  Book 10 - Yankee Doodle Dead
  Book 11 - White Elephant Dead
  Book 12 - Sugarplum Dead
  Book 13 - April Fool Dead
  Book 14 - Engaged to Die
  Book 15 - Murder Walks the Plank
  Book 16 - Death of the Party
  Book 17 - Dead Days of Summer
  Book 18 - Death Walked In
  Book 19 - Dare to Die
  Book 20 - Laughed 'Til he Died

ISBN- 9780061453038
March 31, 2009
William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
292 pages
Rating: 4 cups

Iris Tilford left Broward Rock ten years ago under suspicious circumstances. Now she is back, hoping to find answers to a few questions she has and right some wrongs. Somebody does not want her to remember what happened at the pavilion before Iris left the island.

Annie Darling is the owner of Death on Demand, the local bookstore on Broward Rock. A lover of mysteries, Annie finds Iris to be just that, mysterious. When Iris is found murdered after the oyster roast, Annie and her husband, Max, hold at the pavilion, Annie decides to help solve the mystery.

A lot of people are unhappy to see Iris has returned to Broward Rock. This little community is filled with people who remember what happened the night Jocelyn Howard died. The ruling was accidental drowning, but the medical examiner suspected suicide. With the death of Iris Tilford, the residents may find they are harboring a murderer. Is it a friend, a neighbor or a spouse? Broward Rock is about to be rocked to its very soul.

So much mystery trapped within the covers of this book, I was suspecting every character I met from the first chapter. I had a hard time closing it in order to go to sleep at night. Ms. Hart kept my mind working throughout the day, trying to figure out who Broward Rock’s murderer could be. This is an incredible book filled with some very colorful and funny characters. It is the dark side of these characters which can send chills down your spine. Dare to Die is part of the Death on Demand series. I would recommend adding this one to your shelf.

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