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ISBN#: 978-1-60592-003
May 2008
Noble Romance Publishing, LLC
122 Pages
Historical Erotic Romance
Rating 4 Cups

Estine, daughter of the ruling Queen Danu, has finally chosen her lover, a man devoted to her, Rhonan. Fate takes a hand and Rhonan disappears for years. Upon his return he demonstrates his loyalty to Mardox, Estine’s cousin who wants to take over as ruler of the country after the mysterious death of her mother.

Rhonan went to battle with others of his tribe, but when Mardox saved his life he became indebted to the megalomaniac. Finally returning he must now keep his honor towards Mardox but somehow protect his love, Estine.

Mardox has adopted the concept of “when in Rome” and now plans on ruling instead of Estine, a mere woman. To do so he could marry his beautiful cousin, or simply use Rhonan to destroy her. Only time will tell if Estine and Rhonan can save their country and their love.

This is an interesting and fascinating read that I truly enjoyed. The love between Estine and Rhonan is palpable and touching. The viciousness of Mardox is so real it can be felt. I don’t like Mardox or his followers, but can understand their feelings about life now that they have been to the big city. The dialogue is a bit dramatic, but not enough to change how much I love reading the characters’ desires and needs. Estine is such a strong character and one feels her sorrow and determination to quell the rebellion. The sex ranges from fun to smoking hot and works well into the plot, and even makes the story. Danu’s Daughter is a definite keeper.

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