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ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-496-9 (Electronic)
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-881-3 (Paperback)
April 2009
Amber Quill Pres
E-Book and paperback
$7.00 (Electronic) and $16.50 (Paperback)
521 Pages
Suspense / Thriller
Rating: 4 Cups

Kevin has come back to the coal mining valley of his youth to bury his cousin. He meets Megan, who leads him to believe a crooked developer is behind the death. Soon Kevin is caught up in a world of corruption, small time politics, and a cult.

Megan is a priestess who worships an ancient Celtic god and is leading the cause against the building of a large mall in the economically depressed area. She is worried that Kevin is causing her to lose focus on her duties to the god, and vows to remain loyal to her followers.

Trying to discover the causes of all the misery surrounding the area, Kevin is up against more than he can understand, and strange forces are at work to keep the valley away from the builders.

Danu’s Children is a good and scary horror story, but not a romance. As a paranormal thriller I am impressed. The character actions and behavior were well told through excellent dialogues. The “whodunit” was excellent. Readers will have an idea about the killer, but are not going to get the details correct until the end. The details the supporting cast bring in adds the depth and details needed to make this an excellent thriller. Some of the details make me afraid to drive through the Pennsylvania coal area in the same way I wasn’t thrilled about swimming after seeing Jaws. Danu’s Children has a few clichés, the mafia in construction and uncaring foster parents, but I still enjoyed and recommend this book. Ms. Watkins is soon going to become one of my “go to” writers for horror.

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