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My Lord Raven (originally DANTE'S LADY)
July 2008/September 2009
Hearts on Fire Books/Createspace
E book
552 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

It is the year 1840 when the Fifteenth Earl of Ravensmoor's death becomes imminent. Many regrets flash through his mind, but the foremost one is regarding his dear sweet Kaitlyn. He had fallen in love with a maid in his youth, but due to his station in life, was unable to follow his heart. Vowing to find her soul, he extracts a promise from his grandson. Somewhere, somehow, in some time, his Kaitlyn's soul will be found. With the promise agreed upon, the earl finally takes his last breath.

Over a century later in the present, Leslie Dante Jonathan Burroughs, Seventeenth Earl of Ravensmoor and owner of BAI, LTD, continues his ancestor's search. One trusted relative from each descendant was given the task of finding Kaitlyn's soul. He is the last Earl of Ravensmoor and the search must be completed, or her soul may never be found. Aided only with the story passed down by word of mouth and a beautiful portrait, Dante continues his search for Kaitlyn's soul.

When Dante travels from England to Phoenix, Arizona, he is in for the shock of his life. Working in one of his warehouses is the spitting image of Kaitlyn. From her beautiful green eyes to her luscious lips, Dante knows he must find some way to get her to England. For he knows as he stares into her eyes that he is looking into Kaitlyn's soul. Now he struggles with the knowledge that he is deeply attracted to a woman who was meant for his grandfather over a century ago.

“I speak of a love which happens betwixt two souls but once in an eternity.” Ms. Quijas has taken the concept of eternal soul mates and wrapped it into a sensual story of love throughout time. Witty, charming, and funny, Dante's Lady will hold you suspended throughout the book, waiting for the final scene to unfold. Seeing how many pages this book had made me feel intimidated. However, once I started, I found the flow of the wording and the storytelling to be quite smooth and easy to imagine. If you are a collector of books, Dante's Lady is a definite keeper!

Caution: This title contains steamy sex, graphic language and red-hot romance.

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