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ISBN: 9781554872565
March 15, 2009
eXtasy Books
114 Pages
Romance; Fantasy; Paranormal; Contemporary; Shapeshifter; Mermaid
Rating: 4 Cups

Sheriff Jack Tanner may be the law enforcement in Corolla, North Carolina, but even he knows there are things in this universe that are unexplainable. One of his good friends is a selkie, a seal who sheds his skin to become a man. So Jack is used to some different people and creatures although he is soon in for the shock of his life.

Eddike is a mermaid who was caught in a storm and thrown far from her home. While she was trying to find her way home, Eddike found a net full of sea creatures and tried to free them. Jack finds Eddike unconscious and injured and brings her back to his home so he can tend her scrapes, bruises, and cuts.

While he may be used to the paranormal, he has never heard of there being such creatures as merpeople. Fascinated with this beautiful mermaid, Jack begins to care for Eddike and hopes that she will come to love him as he loves her. The language barrier between them is hard enough to deal with in a relationship, but Jack is afraid that there will be no way Eddike will want to be with someone who cannot live in the sea like she can.

Danish Vinegar was a cute and fun read with some moments of action and adventure to give it a little extra kick. While Ms. Schaffer has written this as a second book in a series, there is enough information from the first book included in this story to keep you from getting confused. Jack is an open-minded law enforcer who is lonely and ready to find love, not expecting it to be who it is. Eddike is a beautiful and strong mermaid, brave for finding love in a foreign land and with someone who is human. This novel is a great choice for those nights that you want to curl up and read a good book with a unique storyline.

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