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ISBN# 978-0-7582-2874-1
March 31, 2009
Kensington Aphrodisia
850 Third Avenue, New York, New York 10022
$12.95 U.S./$15.45 Canada
320 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Personal Possessions by Devyn Quinn

Nikki Malone stumbles into a bad predicament that only gets worse. Now she is running like a fugitive when a drug run goes bad. The slime ball, Sammy, who she got mixed up with, was killed in a crossfire and now Nikki needs to get far away.

Jackson Sullivan knows everything about Nikki, even though they have never met. He is a powerful man and wants to play. Only the special ones pass through to him, and he soon learns she is indeed special.

Nikki’s New Year really started off rotten. On the run, trying to get far away from New Mexico, only landed her in a car running low on fuel. When she sees a sign pointing to a town, Helle-12, she is certain she is free and clear. Rule one; never play around with ex-convicts. All she wants is another chance, but a quick black out changes her plans. After Nikki wakes, she is in bed with a handsome stranger who knows everything about her. Jackson and Nikki have never met. Only the dead enter the seventh circle. He is there to inflict painful pleasure to her for the rest of eternity. Nikki refuses to believe she is dead. Jackson is one demon who plans to play with her like a mouse. As the games begin, will Nikki be able to turn the tables around and get her second chance?

Oh my, Devyn Quinn for sure knows how to heat up the embers in Personal Possessions. Jackson is hot as all get out and Nikki simmers, together they are like one huge melting pot. I do believe one will need more than a bucket of ice with this inferno read. With two fireball characters calling the shots, the reader is consumed with their story. I found this a well-written story, dialogue that grabs you, and a well-crafted plot.

Captive Heat by Jodi Lynn Copeland

Leia Jensen suffered enough beatings from her husband, Ken, in his life; she sure did not need him to send her punishment from his grave. After his death, he left his shack to her in the will.

Sebastian plans to keep Leia until he is ready to let her leave. In his mortal years, he was a man always in control. Now in a situation where he has no control, he can only hope his fate will take a better turn for him.

From the beginning of their marriage, Ken had been dangerous. Leia will not shed any tears over him. Instead, she sets out to blow up the shack. She hated everything about Ken. He made her feel like a slave and joked about her full-figure. She had no idea torching the shack would cause her to go into unconsciousness, only to wake bound and some place unfamiliar. Leia hopes she is not dead and about to suffer more from the hands of Ken. Sebastian feels guilt and compassion for Leia. He knows her past and the scars she has suffered. He wants to reveal himself to her, but for now keeps it quiet. He is not dead, nor alive. She wonders if he is a ghost. Sebastian is in the middle life, his fate undecided. No matter what Sebastian has in store for her, Leia refuses to be any man’s slave.

Jodi Lynn Copeland weaves a captivating tale that connects with this reader allowing all the emotions and expressions to be felt. The immeasurable abuse experienced by Leia transcends off the pages. I love the compassion that Sebastian emits, and how he finds solace in nature. I was thoroughly satisfied with this spellbinding tale with its story of strength, courage, and a yearning only two lost souls can share.

Liaison by Anya Howard

Monsieur Marcel Rolant is the new schoolmaster for the village of Urdhels. In ten years of his life, things have never been complicated until now. He never imagined having such a strong desire for one of his students.

Carina Walpurg is a beautiful student whom Marcel secretly desires. Marcel is a schoolmaster that she would love to be indebted to in every way, but unnatural powers may say differently about their nocturnal liaison.

Marcel tries to ignore the lingering perfume of the female students but sometimes it is intoxicating. Carina is only twenty, but she has beauty that he simply adores. When Carina meets a terrible fate, Marcel cannot believe the young girl he loved is gone. After her death, he notices two puncture marks on her throat. Marcel is beside himself and more so when she comes calling for him. His curiosity is piqued at the mention of a vampire family. Her weeping and suffering pain is too much for him. Her troubled body pacing sends worry to him, interrupting his sleep. Carina does not wish her wonderful schoolmaster to go out in the dark. There must be a way to release her imprisoned soul from this terrible agony. Can he find a way to claim Carina as his own and make her his lovely captive for life?

Anya Howard pens this tale where everything appears almost visual in every way. There were some eerie moments that sent goose bumps to this reader. I could feel the pain that inflicts Carina as she seeks release. Not to mention share in the pacing back and forth, along with the weeping, or the unease that Marcel endures for her, living or dead. The writing and creativity of Liaison is sensational.

Dangerous Ties by Devyn Quinn, Jodi Lynn Copeland and Anya Howard is a page-turner. They know how to blend just the right amount of suspense, passion and stirring heat to make this read explosive. The incredible pacing of the three stories pulls the reader inside the pages like a magnet. This assortment of well-dispersed stories by three talented authors should not be missed.

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