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ISBN# 9780061208591
August 2007
Avon Red an Imprint of/Harper Collins Publishers
10 East 53rd Street, New York NY 10022
352 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Caroline Lake has not had an easy time of it lately. Her easy rich girl’s existence ended when a car accident left her parents dead and her brother confined to a wheelchair.

Jack Prescott has wanted Caroline since he was just a kid living on the streets, but he knew he was not good enough for her. Now he is a man with his own business and many secrets to hide. But he cannot seem to hide his attraction to her.

When Jack Prescott walks into Caroline’s store, her first instinct is to turn him away, but she needs the money he will pay in room and board. His dangerously sexy looks make her forget the freezing weather outside and all her other worries, until she begins to realize that Jack knows much more about her and her house than he should. Then, another danger arises when a man from Jack’s past shows up looking for something that he feels is his and he will stop at nothing, not even murdering Caroline, to get it. Will she be able to trust Jack when she finds out he has lied to her about his identity before it is too late to save their relationship and her very life?

Ms. Rice has written a very steamy book that I wanted to like a lot more than I did. Jack’s obsession with Caroline struck me as faintly creepy because he lied to her throughout most of the book, without compunction or regret. Also the words the hero kept using for a certain portion of his anatomy were a tad over the top. It got old fast and in the way of my enjoyment of the story. However, Jack’s militia days, and those dealing with the villain of the piece, were wonderfully realistic though grisly and graphic. But they pulled this book from one note erotic prose to a little something more.

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