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ISBN# (E-book)9781593748883/(Print)9781593748876
July 2007
Whiskey Creek Press
P.O. Box 50152, Casper, Wyoming 82605
E-Book/Trade Paperback
219 Pages
Novella Collection
Rating: 3 Cups

The Amethyst Angel

Elena has devoted her life to treating terminally ill children at the hospital her family has run for three generations, but has never taken the time to make a life of her own.

Pablo has always loved Elena, but the construction company owner feels that he is not good enough for the beautiful doctor.

When Elena’s father and Pablo’s mother take a hand in their love life, the two find the courage to be together.

This story can be a little depressing, but Elena and Pablo’s love story is one of two shy people who are afraid of rejection. It takes Pablo’s player of a cousin Arrio and a dying child to bring the two together.

A Home for Christmas

Christie is always lonely at Christmas. Her best friend Craig always takes time out of his busy family life for her, but she wishes for more.

Craig is in love with Christie, but thinks that she still is not over his brother Gregg. Gregg pushes Craig to declare his feelings, but it is not as easy as it sounds.

A forced layover during a snowstorm gives Craig the opportunity to tell Christie his feelings about her.

This is a story for inspirational fans. The love story is sweet but sometimes overpowered by frequent references to Christian principals. Christie’s career choice as a very successful Christian singer is very gradually alluded to. I liked Christie and Craig and the concept of an orphan finding a home and love for Christmas.

The Amethyst Star

Sher of the Amethyst Star is a Queen, a woman capable of reproducing, and therefore highly prized. She has defied convention and moved into the Hunter Abode to be close to Randolf, but the laws of her world will not let her have him.

Randolph is a Hunter. His race protects the Humans from the Carnivores. He came to Earth from his home planet because it is here that he will find his life mate.

Two people from different planets and cultures defy all to be together in an Earth of the future.

This is a more sensual story than the previous two. Sher is a more forceful character; she is a Queen in her culture, but has no real freedom. She is really just a producer of eggs. Randolf knows that she is his destined life mate. The prophecy is a little vague until the end of the story, when things make sense.

Creatures of the Night

Susanna, an artist and gallery owner, only works alone at night. She has always felt separate from those around her, even her family, until she meets Nickolai.

Nickolai is a vampire. He loves Susanna more than anything but does not know how to tell her what she is or of the secret she carries inside her.

A lonely artist falls in love with and marries a mysterious dark stranger. She moves to his castle in Europe and finds that he and his family are vampires and werewolves are stalking her.

This is the most sensual story of the collection. The characters are also more vivid. Susanna and Nickolai have a strong bond, but finding out that you are married to a vampire cannot be easy. Her recurring nightmares explain why the werewolves are after her. I would have to say that this is my favorite story of the bunch.

This is an unusual collection of novellas. Other than the author, they have little in common. The first three have an amethyst theme somewhere in the story, but the last breaks away from this. The first two are tales of the inspirational genre and the last two are science fiction and paranormal respectively. I would not think that a reader of the first two tales would be a fan of the second two and vice versa, so I am confused about the selection here. The stories themselves are all well written with good characters.

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