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ISBN# 978-1-60394-089-4
September 2007
New Concepts Publishing
129 Pages
Ancient Egyptian Time Travel - Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Archeologist Kate Martin is surprised during one of her recent diggings when she unlocks a part of history. If it had not been for the recent earthquake, she probably would not have met Setti.

Setti is next in line for the Egyptian throne after his brother suddenly dies from a snakebite. Unfortunately, a greedy half-sister has other plans for him. He is thankful, when centuries later, he meets his rescuer.

As Kate explores the Karnak ruins she discovers a small, wooden chest containing a preserved parchment placed there by the then High Priest, Imtep. Setti was next in line for the throne of Egypt since the nephew was too young. SobeKnefru, his half-sister, enraged because Setti breaks Egyptian custom and does not marry her so she can share rule in the throne, curses him. As an immortal he is imprisoned in his own tomb, leaving her to rule and the temple torn down. Trapped in darkness, Setti wonders if he will see daylight again or break from the terrible curse that holds him hostage. Once Kate frees Setti, they must return to the past to correct the awful mistake SobeKnefru incorporated on the blood line. As Kate helps Setti, both are bewitched with the attraction they feel toward each other, and wonder what the future has planned for them.

The Curse of the Scarab King is a phenomenal read. When Setti was cursed, I could practically feel the dread he endures. I was mesmerized when Kate came to his rescue and they made contact. Their extraordinary passion is breathtaking as it travels through time. The convincing secondary characters demonstrate signs of disloyalty, fears and problematic conflict keeping the story moving at a good pace. Wend Petzler captivates her audience with rich details in history that the reader is just awestricken.

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