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ISBN#: 978-1-60504-459-0
March 2009
Samhain Publishing
274 Pages
Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Mackenzie is on the run from a maniac who is determined that she have his children. She has landed in New Orleans and found a bartending job at Mahalia’s and hopes that she is safe for a while at least.

Jackson is a private investigator and a spellcaster. There is something supernatural about Mackenzie, and it is obvious that she is hiding from someone or something. No matter how many times he tells himself that she is just a job, he can not fool himself into believing it.

Mahalia’a in New Orleans is a mecca for tourists and members of the supernatural community alike. The owner is the daughter of the most powerful werewolf in the country. All Mackenzie knows is that she feels almost safe here for the first time in a month. When the man pursuing her finds her here, Nick and her friends try to help her find out what and who she really is and protect her. Mackenzie is more than she appears and to make matters worse, she does not know what she is.

I loved this story and all of the magical people who take part in it. Mahalia’s part in the New Orleans supernatural community makes it a perfect setting for this story. I was totally involved in Mackenzie’s story and her growing attraction for Jackson right away and was unable to put it down for more than a minute at a time. This is an exciting tale with lots of action and suspense along with a well written love story. Best of all, the author introduces us to many characters who I hope will have their own stories soon.

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