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ISBN#: 9781419915185
May 21, 2008
Ellora's Cave
71 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Chad Demarko knows when his sister, Chantel, has it in her mind that she wants something, she gets it. When she needs Chad to get her dance lessons with Eden, it brings him closer to the woman who stole his heart.

Eden Bradley is a dance instructor. Having a relationship with Chad could prove a bit risky, but once he comes walking into the dance studio, she would like nothing better than to fall back into his arms.

The Crimson Serenade is a century-old tradition in their family and this year Chantel wishes to attend. First she needs dance lessons, and only Eden fits the bill. Since Chad and Eden had a relationship two years ago, Chantel sends him to ask her for help. For two years Chad has thought non-stop of Eden. He wishes to pursue what they never finished. Chad has yet to inform Eden he is a vampire. His mother was human, his father an organic vampire. Eden is shocked with the revelation, yet cannot help but be captivated by his presence. She informs him she has no feelings for him, but Chad knows otherwise and will not give up any pursuit this time around.

Crimson Thrall is a sizzling book that practically ignites to the touch. The cover is awesome and a head turner. Eden is graceful and sophisticated, and Chad charismatic, oozing with pure male magnetism that makes the story come alive. When the two get in close quarters, the passion is spellbinding. I also like the interaction with Chad and Chantel. Some brothers would not go to special lengths for their sister. Aubrey Ross pens a stirring tale that screams delight. She knows how to fashion characters that leave a good impression while crafting a gratifying read.

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