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ISBN# 1-60154-043-4
March 16, 2007
The Wild Rose Press
164 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Sheriff Fitz Hall remembers returning home after responding to a car-pile up, only to pass out on the bed because he was sick with a cold and exhausted. However, he has no memory of the woman there when he awakens.

Rhiannon, Ree, Jakobowski is enjoying one hot, delicious dream with a most satisfying man, until she awakes to learn the stranger next to her is real.

Fitz rents the apartment over the bookstore that Ree has just inherited from her great-uncle Harry Broome, someone she hardly knew but an uncle who spoke to Fitz about Ree. What gets strange is when they both wake and discover they shared the same bed, as well as some hot sex. Very feverish from his cold, Fitz had no idea someone else was in the bed. She was so deep into slumber, she never noticed anyone getting in the bed. Now she nurtures him with some health remedies to help his cold and he wonders about the night they shared. Fitz is not just any sheriff, Ree finds him handsome, with a macho pose that leaves her with salacious thoughts until he makes demands, making him a stubborn cuss. After he informs if that one episode leaves her pregnant, she will be getting married, and that was fact, Ree wonders what kind of primitive town is Shirley, Wyoming.

Whew what a fantastic read. Crazy for the Cowboy has a mind-blowing beginning making this page-turner difficult to put down. I love the strong character of Fitz, who has a finesse that is awesome and alluring. Ree is delightful and she shares banter with Fitz that is delectably fun. I could almost see their expressions especially when Fitz gives his ultimatums. Cindy Spencer Pape delivers a spellbinding read with appealing characters that enthralls. This story was so engaging it was hard to take a bathroom break.

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