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ISBN# 0-345-48650-1
July 2006
Ballantine Books
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
352 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Cate Nightingale moved to Trail Stop, Idaho with her twin boys shortly after her husband died. Determined to give them as normal an environment as possible, she buys a bed and breakfast and opens for business. Still feeling somewhat numb from her husband’s death, the idea of a new relationship with another man is not something she is ready to consider yet. However, when one of her guests disappears, leaving behind his suitcase, Cate does not think too much of it until the man does not return; strange things begin happening that require her to see things in a different light.

Calvin Harris is the local handyman, or so Cate thinks. A jack-of-all-trades and all-round nice guy, Calvin has been patiently waiting over the past few years for Cate to stop grieving and truly see him.

A mysterious phone call that Cate receives sets in motion a series of events that put the lives of everyone in Trail Stop in mortal danger. When two unknown men show up and check into the bed and breakfast, Cate becomes concerned. The men overhear her talking to her friend about her concerns regarding them and they take matters into their own hands, taking the women hostage. It is only Cate’s quick thinking and Cal’s understanding of what an upside down flag means that saves them. But they are not out of the woods yet; shortly after, the two men, along with some local cronies, take over the town and begin killing the residents. Cal and his former commanding officer, Creed, marshal those citizens left alive and teach them how to survive. During this time, Cate finally “sees” Calvin and discovers she is as attracted to him as he is to her. Love quickly follows, amid a tense situation with death just a heartbeat away. It is only when Cal goes hunting that they all have a chance of surviving.

Ms Howard has done it again! What a fantastic story; she never disappoints! I got a kick out of reading about Cate’s relationship with her twin boys. The author’s understanding of little boys and how their minds work is superb. The way she described Cate’s emotions following the death of her husband is very realistic. The two main characters in this story had layers to them; as such, they made the book that much more enjoyable because you wanted to keep reading until you got to the bottom of those layers. When the sex finally happened, it was hot and well worth waiting for; the love relationship between Cate and Cal was also well portrayed. This book had secondary characters galore, well woven into the story so that I got a good idea of what their personalities were like and how they fit into the story. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys romantic suspense, as well as die-hard Linda Howard fans like me!

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