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ISBN #978-1-59705-628-1 Print/ 978-1-59705-423-2 Ebook
January, 2009
Wings ePress
403 Wallace Court, Richmond, KY 40475
Paperback/ E-book
278 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Rachel is a doctor and looking forward to practicing with her mentor in Lizard Creek, Washington. She is also newly married to Gabriel Wilson and very much in love.

Nicholas Behrens is a doctor practicing in Chicago. He moved there from New York to take care of his dying and estranged mother. His parents’ bad marriage and mother’s promiscuity make him very leery of relationships.

Rachel Wilson’s marriage and career as a female doctor takes her from New York to New Orleans, and back home to Lizard Creek, Washington. Tragedy seems to follow her and her husband and a killer stalks her across the country. She crosses paths with Nicholas, who has his own troubles and secrets that haunt him. All comes to a head in Lizard Creek.

I liked the fact that Rachel was a doctor in a time where very few women followed that profession. The author does a good job describing her difficulties and the prejudices of people against her. Gabriel is an honorable man trying to right the wrongs of the world, but with too little care for his safety and that of his family. I liked Nicholas the best, despite his upbringing and family. He is a warm, compassionate man and a good person. There is a bit of back-story here that is not fully explained and a bit confusing. The paranormal element of the story is pretty minimal, but as a historical romance, this is a very good read.

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