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ISBN# (10)0263853373/(13)9780263853377
July 2007
Harlequin Mills & Boon, Limited
Eton House, 18-24 Paradise Road, Richmond, Surrey TW9 1SR
184 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

When Katie Carter is beckoned to renovate an extravagant Tuscan villa, she learns that her passion no longer is for her design but for the handsome man, Giovanni who has summoned her to do work on his villa. She has never been with a man before in an intimate way, but something about Giovanni says she is soon to discover ecstasy.

Count Giovanni Amato is a powerful man, who still likes to meet people and shake hands. He is aware that many seek to meet with him and sometimes via satellite is not his cup of tea. One look at Katie and she may be the one to unlock the billionaire’s buried emotions.

Katie is intrigued when she arrives in Tuscany. What she imagined would be hot and dusty, turns out to be beautiful and perfumed. She has been personally recommended to restyle the Count’s home. When she meets the Count, she finds him a commanding figure, with a face men fear, and women find irresistible. She feels honored to be restoring the villa. Giovanni realizes that Kate is a self-made woman who worked her way up from nowhere and answers to only herself. He admires that in her and knows she will do a spectacular job on his villa without any supervision. Neither expected to feel such a strong attraction not long after they meet, but Katie knows from experience a family life mixed with business does not work well. Giovanni does not wish to be tied down. He has seen too much unhappiness in any married situation, but that was before Katie entered his life stirring his heartstrings. One night of passion brings them closer in more ways than one. When Katie learns she is carrying his child, Giovanni believes it will be a son, his heir. He can never be without Katie in his life. She will make a beautiful mistress, something that Katie is crushed to learn. She can only hope she can make him change his mind and love her as a wife for the rest of their lives.

Count Giovanni’s Virgin has all the romance and passion that the beautiful Tuscany village can proffer. From the beginning, the storyline immediately pulled me into the characters of Katie and Giovanni. I could almost hear Giovanni when he said, Katie. These believable characters radiate beautifully together. I enjoyed the way the chemistry between the two slowly interacted, only creating more sexual tension that made the story such a gratifying read. The secondary characters round out the story creating great pomp. Christina Hollis tells a lovely story that captivates and spins with so much creativity I felt as if I was traveling right along with Katie. She fashions an ambiance that hypnotizes in this mesmerizing read.

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