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ISBN: 0-9710473-8-3
March 2003
Dragonfly Publishing, Inc.
179 pages
Science fiction/Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

This book is a compilation of short stories. Ms Branson throws in a dragon periodically, but ends with a story introducing us to their den.


So the planet is now an asteroid field. Princess Shelay just made a little boo-boo. Commander Traya’s mischievous wife likes laser sculpture and she is bored.


With nearly 10,000 people evacuated from the domed colony of New Tera, Fred is the only one left. He is the structural engineer for a dome with a crack and he does not like the odds.


Laura Lynn Jones was just stargazing when black-clad men wearing stocking caps over their faces broke down her door. Kidnapped and assaulted, Laura really is not enjoying making conversation with lunatics. How would she know about structures on the moon much less quarantined planets?


The island was sinking fast. Jenk and Sellue were the last ones through the green misty column. The only problem was that the inter-dimensional transistor was still on.


Derrick Starr is the top reporter for Mars Network News in New Sedona. The network has dispatched him to the farming community of Themis. The verdict is about to come in. Derrick has no idea what is going on, but it sure is weird.


Tola Choo-Quah is 12-years-old. He and his father are visiting the National Museum of History and Historic Ruins. A new discovery has been made. There are two languages on one coin. Is it possible that these people could have gone to the moon?


Drake was intrigued by “Kit” Ayers. It was something about the smell of her blood running through her veins that made his fangs ache to drop. So why did a night with her
result in things that no self-respecting vampire could imagine?


Paige was all alone in the big old two-story farmhouse. It was 9:45 p.m. and her visitors had not knocked. Diving out windows and crawling around cornstalks was not any old everyday activity, but she had to get to the barn. There was safety in the barn. Fred was


Ariel was just logging into the campus library system to work on a research paper when lightning sent her into a strange menu. The game that appeared was interesting but she needed to get her research paper done – or did she.


The librarian was focusing on a large tome when his uninvited company arrived. They wanted something from the Codex of Time, but it does not work that way. Footstools do not necessarily respond when ordered to help open a seal on a Codex.


Travis was at Twin Rivers Junction to trade cloth for seed grain. It was the last market and the last hope. He did not need a red fairy from the northern forest. He definitely did not need a dangerous slave.


Renn Sheeyar was an old dragon. He was hunting in new territory. It was an isolated two-story, wood-frame farmhouse. So what was he doing at the foot of her brass bed?


Nigel Clifford, the custodian in residence at Winfield Estate has been looking for the treasure for ten years or more. Over on hundred years ago, Sophia Winfield had left her estate to whoever could prove that they were the lady reincarnated. Now who was this would-be-Winfield called Miss Lewis?


Clem refused to tolerate the old Native American on the land Clem had just purchased and he had a gun to back up his determination. So why was the mountain shuddering as the old Native American sang?


Karazamon “Raza” Toa Kalandyn was a 153-year-old dragon. He was 6 ‘6” tall with black hair, gray eyes and ½ “-long very prominent fangs. Raza was the Master of Martial Arts at the Talakara Temple. He was also a member of the Sooran Guard, the elite warrior class of the temples. As such, he prepared to help his father’s investigation into unauthorized shipments of the mineral with a secret formula, M-3.

Mistress Tirakareez Toa Lodicann, Kareez, was a 24-year-old dragon with light brown hair, sapphire eyes, and delicate white fangs. Her name means Little Fire Dragon and her training in martial arts has resulted in a lethal telepath that is true to her name. Kareez also traveled with Raza’s father to the temple to quietly assist with the investigation.

Raza does not know his own talents. With his crystal knife, he is the solution to the source of the shipments. Kareez has detected the sorcery and between them, they are a formidable force, that is; if pheromones can stay out of the way.

Terri Branson has brought us a dragon world for the science fiction affectionado. Her characters are in bright colors right before your eyes and her world is so real you need a coat to cut the snowy cold. I am excited to see that more dragons are in the publishing future because this story is out-of-this-world wonderful. It is hard to wait on pins and needles for the next exciting adventure. These dragons are truly a keeper.

This collection of short stories is refreshingly original. Ms. Branson has everything from little boys to vampires. She keeps you on your toes with her variety of subjects, and you just never can guess what her next tale will tell. I thoroughly enjoyed every unique one. They were a very fast read. You can keep this book in your purse or briefcase and enjoy a story while you wait. I’m sure there is a waiting line somewhere in your day. The story of her dragon, on the other hand, lets you get your teeth into the book. I know you will enjoy them all. My suggestion is that everyone put Ms. Branson’s books on their
bookshelves or include them on their current order-waiting list. You will not be sorry.

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