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ISBN# 1555-5488
April 2008
MS Fiction
PO Box 300491, Houston, Texas 77230
279 Pages
Contemporary Interracial BDSM Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 cups

Edna Zulma is black and just wants a normal life. She has just gotten out of jail and is living with her mother. She finally has a job as an office assistant for a company that leases vacation properties. It does not take long before she begins noticing the very sexy office manager, Burton, and wishing that she could have him scratch her itch.

Burton McCutcheon is a divorcee and white. He notices Edna right off, frumpy clothes and all. He goes out of his way from the very beginning to let her know who is boss, and just how he likes things done. Each day he pushes her buttons just a little more, wondering if the outcome will be as delicious as he hopes.

When Edna finally gets out of jail, she has nowhere to live except for her mother’s house, and she is not happy about it. Putting up with her mother’s constant berating is almost more than she can take, but when she finally gets a job she knows that at least she will be out of the house for the day. While Edna is grateful for the job, it quickly becomes clear that her boss knows about her past as a dominatrix and in fact was one of her customers. When he blackmails her into dominating him, she does not know what to do, and when he offers her money to do it, she is terrified because this could get her into serious trouble with her parole officer. She decides to just do it and hope the information does not get out. In the meantime, there is Burton whom she finds attractive but who seems to be trying to push all her buttons. It is not long before she and Burton give in to their mutual attraction, and it turns out that Burton is everything she wants because he is willing to dominate her in a caring rather than degrading fashion. And while Burton is new to BDSM, he is more than willing to learn. There is only one problem; she could go back to jail for what her boss is making her do because it violates her parole, and Burton has no idea that she is dominating their boss. What will he do if he finds out? Will he still find her desirable or will he be disgusted?

Corporate Desires would have gotten a higher rating from me except that it simply slowed down too much for me towards the middle and I found myself losing interest in the story. The lovemaking scenes are wonderful, emotional, and descriptive. Burton’s willingness to learn about what emotionally and sexually fulfilled Edna was absolutely endearing. Ms. Midway does an excellent job of fleshing out her characters so that you really get a chance to know and like them. I also liked reading about Edna finding herself and what she really wanted out of life. I plan to read more of Ms. Midway’s books in the future.

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