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ISBN# None Available
May 2007
Whispers Publishing
39 Pages
Erotic paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

Private Tom Stabler takes a leave of absence from the Vietnam War to go home for a visit, but discovers the terror of the war has changed his attitude once he arrives home.

Susan Swenson understands the ordeal that troubles Tom during the war. She wishes to give him much-needed comfort.

Tom thought returning home for a few days from the harrowing Vietnam War would help him forget the awful happenings in the jungle. During moments in the night, he still reaches out for his rifle, only to remember he is in the safety of his home. The past eight months of being in Nam has inflicted emotional scars to his heart and mind. The unexplainable terror is hard to comprehend at times. Thoughts of his first love, Susan Swensen, send soothing thoughts. He has been grateful for their written correspondence over the past months. Susan is attending nursing school and Tom feels she will make a great nurse. He also feels spending time with Susan would be a worthwhile visit. When she arrives at his home, he is excited. Making the best of their time together, Susan hopes to sort through Tom’s troubled pain while offering comfort to his heart and soul.

Dee S. Knight has created a poignant tale in Coming Home. This heart-warming story could be read many times and I believe the reader would still feel the whole realm and emotions that engulf the characters each time. Tom and Susan instill a heated chemistry that sizzles. This unforgettable story leaves a lasting tender impression. Ms. Knight even makes the jungle and the war appear so visual and vibrant. She acts upon a story with great genuineness that hit home with this reader in many ways in a satisfying extraordinary read.

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