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ISBN# 9781601680501
July 27, 2007
Aspen Mountain Press
184 Pages
Science Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Colonel Medoro Keegan is the Executive Officer aboard the space carrier USS Blanchard. Once upon a time he had a wife and his pilot’s wings, but now all he has left was the Corp. The thought of risking his heart again shakes him to the core.

Caitlin Driskoll awakens to a whole new existence. She soon finds out that a century has passed during which time she lay in a cryogenic stasis. She might have had a Masters in Education on Earth but now she is nothing more than an indentured servant.

Keegan’s job includes greeting the cryos upon their awakening. He is not the only one who is annoyed with their presence aboard the ship. They are nothing but a drain on the ship's resources, and most have no military background. However once he meets Caitlin Driskoll his perception changes. He cannot allow his personal feelings to get in the way of his job, so he keeps his contact with her to a minimum. The war that they are in proves to be more than the average human can handle, but the cryos are not average. With much lower core temperatures the cryos are readied for battle on a planet that makes Antarctica seem balmy. Caitlin becomes a soldier, knowing she has little choice in the matter. Her feelings for Keegan can only put them both at risk, so she pushes them aside to do her job. Their mission is nearly suicidal and leaves little chance of coming home. Keegan cannot accept never seeing Caitlin again, so he riskes everything. He only hopes he is not too late.

This is definitely not a sugarcoated fairy tale. Colonel Keegan is all military but he also has a heart. He treats all of the people on the ship with respect and expects the same in return. His feelings for Caitlin may be the end of his career, but he does not risk his crew in the process. Caitlin became the best soldier she could. She knew that wallowing in self-pity would get her nowhere. Her goal was to survive, after that she could only dream. The feel of this story is gritty and raw and the characters very real, making for a really great read.

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