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ISBN # 978-1-906328-03-0
May 2007
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32 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Justin, a high school football coach, loves his job in the small town in which he lives. He is also lonely because he has not dated anyone since moving there five years ago. There is just one small problem; he is gay and if it becomes known, he could lose his job.

Luc is an investment banker and father to Max, who is one of Justin’s prize players. He has been smitten with Justin since he moved into town years before. He has never had the backbone to ask Justin out; he feels sure that Justin is not gay. To his delight, he found out otherwise.

Luc and Justin come together with a bit of help from Max who thinks they would be great together. After a brief time enjoying the newness of their very private relationship, they are caught and that puts everything on the line; Justin’s job, their relationship, and their futures. They must overcome these obstacles before they can be together for good.

Coach is a feel good kind of story. It has characters that are three dimensional and not afraid to show their feelings, even though they are male. They encounter conflict and handle it like adults. Ms Lynne has written a story that is worthy of its happy ending.

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