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Masters of the Shadowlands Series
Book 1: Club Shadowlands
Book 2: Dark Citadel
Book 3: Breaking Free
Book 4: Lean on Me
Book 5: Make Me, Sir
Book 6: To Command and Collar
Book 7: This is Who I Am
Book 8: If Only

ISBN# 9781596321335
January 2009
Loose Id LLC
155 pages
BDSM Full Figured Heroine
Rating: 4 Cups

Jessica Randall is an accountant, who coming back from a disastrous blind date gets her car stuck and she must wait out the storm for a tow truck. Walking the mile or so back, she comes upon a private club and signs her life away, or rather a night, to stay warm inside from the elements outside.

Zachary, Master Z, is the owner of Club Shadowlands, a private club and is entranced by his little intruder. He knows he should have just helped her and let her go but something about her keeps him intrigued, and he senses her curiosity in his club.

Stumbling into a den of bondage is not the way Jessica wanted her night to finish out. It was already two strikes against her and is this then the third. Or will this man who seems to be in charge make a mistake into something better and much more enjoyable? For Zachary, Jessica is a breath of freshness and light, but dare he explore her mind and her senses with the sensual and sexual feelings he picks up from her. A country mouse meets the Dom cat is how this starts, but it is a nice surprise inside for all.

This is generally not a favored genre of mine, but I was so taken with the characters in the club from the beginning that I wanted to finish reading this in one sitting. A mind reading Dom is not your everyday occurrence, and I was curious myself to see where this would lead. It is surprisingly good and I did enjoy it very much, so much I can say that those that love BDSM romances should check it out. This is where a one night stand at a club might turn into something lovely and real.

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