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ISBN# 9781596329010
March 2009
Loose ID
124 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Sabrina Torrence joined Project Dawn while in the Navy, and she will see the project end no matter the cost. She was an unwilling participant in a government experiment that has gone horribly wrong. Derrick Packard is one of the few who have survived.

Derrick Packard is one of a small group of the remaining Circe’s who have banded together to put an end to the insanity. He sees Sabrina as the enemy when he can see past the red haze of lust.

The price of ending the project may be higher than Sabrina expected, though, because she has just discovered that she is one of the experiments. Derrick doesn’t understand his attraction to a human; she is human isn’t she? Sabrina is the answer which will get the group closer to ending the project than ever before. Derrick just has to be willing to make the sacrifice despite what his inner monster says.

The story was unusual in nature and fascinating for its differences. The love scenes were hot even when they were in monster form. Marie Harte has created a world that is very believable in the current technological environment. I love it when I can really imagine the author’s creation coming to life, even if it is scary. I look forward to reading the rest of the series.

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