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ISBN# 0-9793674-7-6 / 978-0979367472
October 2007
Lavender Isis Press
PO Box 47654 Tampa, FL 33647
eBook / Paperback
$6.00 / $8.00 USD
155 / 188 Pages
Rating: 2 Cups

Raven Blackheart is a college student with a mysterious past. Both her parents are dead and she has left the only family she knows, her aunt on her father’s side, to attend a private college. Once proud of her grades, Raven is struggling to find meaning in her life but ends up getting more than she wished for when the world she knows is irrevocably changed. Her boyfriend is killed in front of her and she is so badly injured that she slips into a coma that will last for ten years, ten years that will change the world almost beyond recognition.

Russell Li’s life is also irrevocably changed when his fiancée to be is murdered right in front of his eyes, in an attempt to enlist his assistance in a massive corporate project that is crucial to human survival.

In a world where Corporations have replaced the Government, another race is born, the result of a blood stimulating drug gone wrong. This new race, the Dracins, bears a resemblance to vampires of legend, with pale skin that is tougher than human skin, and faster reflexes. Instead of needing blood to survive, these Dracins crave blood to calm their own agitated blood. After an initial war between the two races, an uneasy truce now holds but there are many people who want to change this. After being in a coma for ten years, Raven wakes in this new world and struggles to fit in. A hybrid of both races, she doesn’t really belong to either one. Everyone she previously knew is dead and the corporation that looked after her just wants to use her. The Dracins see her as a weapon to be used against them and only want to kill her. In her search to find a place, she comes across Russell and begins to work with him.

The concept behind ‘Cimmerian City’ is an interesting one. An intriguing twist on the vampire legends, it had the potential to extend the vampire genre in a new direction and give it a new home in Science Fiction. Unfortunately it is executed poorly. Little time is spent exploring the Dracins as a race and none of the key characters in the novel are Dracins. They are shown as little more than cardboard cutouts, poorly used as a foil for human avarice and fear. The idea of Corporate ‘government’ is not new and has been handled better by many other writers. The dialog and characters feel flat and lifeless. The relationship between Raven and Russell feels forced, especially given the short time Raven has been out of her coma. The story is hard to follow and seems illogical at times. It is also hampered by some chronological inconsistencies. As well the amount of change that occurs in the short ten-year period Raven is in a coma is simply unbelievable. ‘Cimmerian City’ is practically devoid of science, short of thrills but long on fiction, a mix that simply doesn’t work.

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