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Book 1: Cats Eyes
Book 2: Topaz Delirium
Book 3: Chemistry of Evil
Book 4: Treasure Laid Bare
Book 5: Jewel of the Dragon
Book 6: Liquid Crystal
Book 7: Crystal Captive
Book 8: Crystal Tides
Book 9: Bloody Crystal
Book 10: Griffin's Treaure

ISBN # 1-932866-75-2
February 2005
Triskelion Publishing  
191 pages
Rating: 4 cups

He is called Mordred, son of the legendary King Arthur. He is an agent of evil, imprisoned in a sort of limbo and awaiting release so he can become flesh again. He doesn’t care how he is freed or who he must overtake to achieve this, as long as it is soon.

Sofie Adams loves the challenges her work in forensic archaeology with the FBI brings. It is certainly more exciting than the diminishing anticipation of her wedding to Archie. Even the whistle, found during an excavation of what is believed to have been Arthur’s property, proves more interesting than her love life. Coupled with the appearance of handsome and mysterious CIA agent, Evan Howell, the discovery is the catalyst for big changes in Sofie’s life.  The whistle turns out to be the device releasing Mordred and spurs a series of killings that Sofie and Evan are compelled to solve, as well as prevent future ones from happening.

Chemistry of Evil is a steamy, erotic thriller infused with Arthurian legend and X-Files mystique. Sofie and Evan are a dynamic, intense couple in the making as their romance heightens the eroticism of the story, while the underlying evils brings a chill to slightly cool the heat.

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