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The New York Blades Series

Book 1: Body Check
Book 2: Fair Play
Book 3: Total Rush
Book 4: The Penalty Box
Book 5: Hot Ticket
Book 6: Chasing Stanley
Book 7: Just a Taste
Book 8: Power Play
Book 9: Double the Heat
Book 10: Icebreaker

Wild Hart Saga

Book 1: Double the Pleasure
Book 2: With a Twist
Book 3: Straight Up
Book 4: Icebreaker


ISBN# 978-0-425-21447-3
February 2007
Berkley Sensation/ The Berkley Publishing Group
375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014
345 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Delilah Gould loves her business; training, walking, and boarding dogs in the hectic New York City area. She prefers her four legged friends over the sometimes confusing two legged variety. When she encounters a handsome hunk trying to coax his lumbering behemoth of a dog to get out of the middle of a busy sidewalk, she notices the striking good looks of his owner and scolds him for the dog’s lack of training. Properly chastised and repentant, the owner asks her to train his dog Stanley and possibly board him while he is on the road. Delilah reluctantly agrees to train both the dog and the owner, who tries to flirt, which reduces her to a blubbering idiot. Will her shyness hinder her interactions?

Jason Mitchell has realized a lifelong dream of playing professional hockey for the New York Blades. Unwilling to leave his childhood friend behind, he brings his Newfoundland Stanley along. Stanley, untrained and unused to city living, reluctantly does what Jason asks, sometimes. Being from the small town of Flasher, North Dakota, Jason immerses himself in the party life, egged on by his twin brother Eric, a rival hockey player. He finds himself drawn to the painfully shy dog trainer and sets out to pursue her. Will he be able to convince her of his earnest interest?

Delilah and Jason begin a relationship fraught with mishaps and misunderstandings. Delilah is a homebody and Jason likes big crowds. Jason tries to understand her business’ drain on her free time, and she tries to deal with his hectic schedule; neither able to compromise their hard won careers, until the Stanley Cup Championship games begin. Jason is preoccupied and partying too much, and Delilah is too busy with her business and they decide to break-up. Will they be able to ever work things out?

Ms. Martin has written a humorous book that quickly engages your interest. I loved the feisty heroine with her love of dogs, and Jason will charm you just like he charmed Delilah. The handling of Jason’s teammate’s anti-Semitic behavior toward Delilah was tasteful and subdued. The use of hockey technical terms enriched the overall atmosphere of the book. This book will enchant any reader who loves strong heroines and hunky jocks with big hearts. Bravo Ms. Martin, this is a winner!

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