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ISBN# 9781603180542
October 2008
L&L Dreamspell
P.O. Box 1984, Friendswood, Texas 77549-1984
Trade paperback
256 pages
Romantic suspense
Rating: 4 cups

Rowan Bronson, an Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms Agent, has realized there is a mole in her office. Rowan has had to run, afraid for her life, from the organization she has evidence against. They want to capture her before she hands over what she has found to the authorities, unfortunately the criminals do not mind what condition she is in when they find her. With only her dog Zeus left to trust, Rowan turns to the only person who has as much to lose as she does.

Garrett Somersby needs to find a life outside of the police, but until that happens he is more than happy to keep working. His attitude towards work soon changes after a woman and her dog hijack his car. Okay, so it is a huge dog but that will not stop the abuse he will get at the office. The only way to get back his reputation is to find the woman and bring her into the station. This could be easier said then done. First he needs to keep them both alive.

Not really trusting but needing each other, Garrett and Rowan have to fight for their lives by not one but two criminals. Pushed together, they soon begin to rely on each other and not just for safety. The emotional relationship between them sparks quickly, when they both realize how easily they could be hurt without the aid of a bullet.

Both of the main characters in this book are alone in the world and use their work as a way of life. It is a pleasure to see how both of them change and develop during the time they spend together. The relationship between the two criminals is amusing while still being realistic. I have enjoyed reading this fast paced action packed book but I have to say Ms French’s best character is Zeus the Weimaraner owned by Rowan, that is one cool dog.

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