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ISBN#: 9780981557397
May 2008
Highland Press
PO Box 2292, High Springs, FL 32655
Trade Paperback
176 Pages
YA/Regency Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Mariah Woodhouse is the daughter of an innkeeper. Her parents hope that she will marry, maybe even a vicar, someday but she has much higher aspirations.

Walter is the local librarian; hardly the Corsair with his glasses and stutter, but he has something that Byron does not.

Mariah is one of Lord Byron’s greatest fans and when the great poet happens to be rusticating at his estate near Mariah’s parents’ inn, she is given the greatest opportunity; to get to know and possibly marry the dashing writer. She knows he is attracted to attached women, so she has a plan, a fake betrothal to her best friend Walter.

This is a light and entertaining story. Mariah has grand aspirations for someone of her class and the guts to try and follow through. Walter is a sweet man and much stronger than Mariah realizes. She does realize that he is very attractive and a good kisser, but has to work through her infatuation to really see him. Byron is more of a caricature than a real person in this story, but Walter, Mariah, and the rest of the residents of the village are very real; kind of like Byron does not really belong and they all do. The storyline is easy to follow and the characters are well written and likable. I enjoyed this one.

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