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ISBN#: 9781602722675
May 2008
Amber Quill Press
102 Pages
Science Fiction/Futuristic/Action/Adventure/Interracial/Multicultural
Rating: 3 Cups

Gaelyn comes from a long line of bounty hunters. Ever since she won her own ship in a card game she has become one of the best in the business, not to mention a very rich woman. The only other bounty hunter who is even remotely in her league is a man named Reese.

Three months ago Reese beat her out of a major bounty and she is determined that it will never happen again. Gaelyn is on the trail of her latest bounty. Gagmar is proving very difficult to find but she thinks she has a promising lead. She has made sure that Reese will not be on her tail.

Gaelyn is shocked to realize that Reese has beaten her to her quarry. However, Reese has had some unexpected bad luck and he needs her help. Reese presents her with an offer she cannot refuse. Gaelyn soon begins to realize that going into business with Reese may be profitable in more ways than one.

I really enjoyed the way the author fills this story with interesting details and background about the world her characters inhabit. I really enjoyed the banter between Gaelyn and Reese. I could really feel the sexual tension between them. When these two get together they are burning hot! Chasing Booty by Shannon Leigh is a fun mix of science fiction and adventure.

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