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February 23rd 2009
Hearts On Fire Books
300 pages
Science Fiction
Rating 4 Cups

Colonel Kendrick Landry is in command of the space craft Aurora. His mission is to visit a black hole and then do a brief stop at an Earth-type planet on his way back to Earth.

Major Veronica Winters is assigned to the Aurora as a science officer. Her other duties included chief astrophysicists and assistant chief astrogator.

As four hundred of the Aurora’s crew take the smaller ship, The Beagle, down to the surface of Sigma Theta III, they have no idea that this mission will turn into one that none of them will ever forget. When in the course of leaving the planet’s surface, The Beagle becomes damaged and crash lands back on Sigma Theta III. It is going to take all the strength of Landry and his crew to survive long enough to be rescued. But will their efforts be in vain or will they find away to survive?

Reminiscent of the old Star Trek Television series Challenge to the Stars is a must read for any Trekkie out there. The characters are extremely well written, and the alien world that is created is one that will, at times, scare the hell out of you, and at times remind you too much of home. This is a story that will remind all of us just how much one would sacrifice and endure to survive. If science fiction is what you crave, this is the book for you.

Warning: Some graphically violent death scenes and a semi rape scene.

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