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Joe Grey Mysteries
Book 1 - Cat on the Edge
Book 2 - Cat Under Fire
Book 3 - Cat Raise the Dead
Book 4 - Cat in the Dark
Book 5 - Cat to the Dogs
Book 6 - Cat Spitting Mad
Book 7 - Cat on the Money (Published in Cats Magazine and
Book 8 - Cat Laughing Last
Book 9 - Cat Seeing Double
Book 10 - Cat Fear No Evil
Book 11 - Cat Cross Their Graves
Book 12 - Cat Breaking Free
Book 13 - Cat Pay the Devil
Book 14 - Cat Deck the Halls
Book 15 - Cat Playing Cupid
Book 16 - Cat Striking Back
Book 17 - Cat Coming Home

ISBN# (10): 0-06-112395-1/ (13): 978-0-06-112395-5 /(10): 0-06-154655-0/ (13): 978-0-06-154655-6
October 30, 2007
William Morrow (Imprint of HarperCollins Publisher)
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022
Hard Cover and E-Book
$16.95 U.S./$19.95 Canada
343 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Clyde Damen has some special cats. He adores Joe Grey but hates it when he pounces on his chest at early hours. Clyde has been the owner of Joe ever since finding him abandoned in the San Francisco gutter. Of course every time, Clyde hears the word murder, he knows his cats are usually at the crime scene.

Joe Grey, the in-your-face abrasive cat, is a Feline P.I. His girlfriend, Dulcie, has a gentler side, and their friend, Kit, is wildly imaginative. The three cats try to find the missing clues to a murder.

When Clyde hears the latest news about a murder, he hopes his cats have not interfered with any crime scene but something tells him they are involved. The Molena Point Police found a man shot and lying beneath a Christmas tree. A young child was clutched in the arms of the shot man. Unfortunately the shock of seeing someone killed has rendered the child speechless to what happened. Clyde is surprised when once again Joe Grey is in the midst helping the friendly police investigate. It appears his tomcat knows more than the police when it comes to finding a killer. There is hope as Joe Grey, Dulcie and Kit listen attentively to the sights and sounds around them, putting pieces together to find the killer. While the police protect the young child, and the felines work their magic, no one is safe until the identity of the killer is discovered. While everyone is trying to enjoy the holiday season, three feline detectives search diligently for answers to help the police.

I have never enjoyed a mystery as well as I did with felines as detectives. This is a delightful tale wonderfully crafted by Shirley Rousseau Murphy. Her writing style allows the storyline to move at a fast pace while keeping the reader entertained. I became so attached to the cats, I felt as if I was part-owner. I loved the way she explores the cats in the position of being at the crime scene while almost picturing their feline expressions. There were times the cats appeared humanlike. I was so fascinated by Cat Deck The Halls that I hated when it ended. Now I will have to wait for the fourteenth installment to read more about these very clever felines. This is a marvelous read that truly satisfies.

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