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ISBN: 1-59279-385-1
Release: June 2005
Amber Quill Press
Download $ 3.00
37 Pages
Historical/dark fantasy erotic romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Lady Caroline Seton is a bit of a mystery to the town although she is wealthy and powerful enough to be welcome anywhere she chooses to go. In the company of a friend at one of the normally tedious balls, she sees Jack Shaw and is instantly smitten. He is a gorgeous, vital man and all she can think of is making him totally hers. But this could mean his death, for she is a vampire.

American shipping tycoon Jack Shaw is drawn to Caroline from his first glimpse of her. A week later, he encounters her in a garden at another soiree. Just after he steals a kiss, she vanishes right out of his arms into thin air. From that point on, they play a cat and mouse game as Caroline flees and Jack pursues. When the searing attraction between them finally proves too powerful for Caroline to resist, they come together in a glorious explosion of lust.

This is a wonderful short story, both delicately painted and exquisitely erotic. Caroline and Jack are two strong and exciting characters with an unexpected common point. A romance in the truest sense of the word, it casts a spell of fey glamour with a tale of love's incredible power. This story works on all levels. Vampire fans will love it as will those who enjoy tasteful erotica at its best. A flavor of traditional Regencies is there but with a twist. I recommend it highly.

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