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ISBN#: 978-0-7582-2899-4
September 2008
Kensington Publishing Corp.
850 Third Ave, 16th floor, New York, New York 10022
Trade Paperback
304 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

In Heat

Amir Varad is the ruler of the planet Vesperi. His people are weretigers, and one of the four descendents of gene-spliced humans that left Earth before it went super-nova. His political responsibilities as Amir took him away from his mate at the worst time in their lives. Now he must try to salvage all he has lost.

Amira Mahlia is Varad’s mate, and ruler of their people in his absence. She has had to bury her anguish over their son’s death in order to cope with her day to day duties as Amira. Varad’s absence left her with no other choice, she has to be strong for her people.

Varad knows that he must get Mahlia to open up to him, and that they will have to try again to produce an heir. Her pain is so evident, but she will not allow him to help her. Their mating is a ferocious flurry of claws and fangs, but when it comes to talking she completely shuts down. He shares her fear, and he loves her beyond reason, but is it enough to save their union?

Despair and desire war in this powerfully erotic love story. The characters are wild and fierce, everything the reader could want in a shifter. The descriptiveness of the characters and their habitats is excellent.

In Smoke

Katryn is a weredragon. She knows almost nothing about her people and their home planet. She has lived with her father on Vesperi most of her life, but now she must travel back to Herena. She has been selected to mate with a harim.

Lord Tarkesh and his mate Lord Nadir must take a female mate. They are required to try to produce offspring, and the mating of same sex partners must take on a third person of the opposite sex. They can only hope that when she arrives, she does not drive a wedge between them.

Katryn has absolutely no desire to become part of a harim. She is not even sure what one is, but she has never felt so lost in her life. She can only hope that on Herena, she will finally feel like she belongs. Katryn, Tarkesh, and Nadir are deeply entranced with each other on an emotional and sexual level almost immediately. However Katryn is finding the political nuances of Herenan society very hard to take.

This story just oozes with scales and screams of delight. The ménage of partners are made for each other, and their passion is explosive. This is a truly remarkable kaleidoscope of colorful characters.

In Mist

Dr. Sera Gibbons is one of the last two humans left in existence. Her life support stasis kept her alive for almost five hundred years. When she awoke, it was to a world that she had only dreamed could exist.

Bretton Hahn is a very high political figure on the planet Aquatilis. His people are the merepeople, and they strive for complete perfection. It is the code by which they live, and should he fail in any way it would mean the end of his career.

Sera is human, not a mermaid, and as such perfection is unattainable in the Aquatilian’s eyes. She is allowed to live on the planet simply because she is a genius, and her ability to fix anything mechanical is something they desperately need. Bretton very much wants to be able to stay away from Sera, but his body needs her like it needs water. Sera is career suicide for him, but tell that to his libido. Sera loves Bretton, yet she knows it can never be, and her heart is near the breaking point. How can she possibly live on a planet with the one man she can never have?

Perfection or passion, which will prevail? The shifters in this story are portrayed with loving detail. The sexual interplay between Sera and Bretton is wicked and wild, burning right off the page.

This is a remarkable work of erotic fiction. Each character is a visual feast for the reader, and their worlds are just as meticulously detailed. I found myself completely engrossed in their individuality and mannerisms. The sensuality is searing and intense, a perfect pairing to the animalistic nature of each character. This story combines straight sex, ménage, and mild domination creating a banquet of lust and desire. Everything you could desire and no calories, what more could a girl want?

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