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ISBN: # 1-931722-59-5
November 2005
Warner Books, Time Warner Book Club
1271 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020
$12.95 US/$17.95 Can
307 Pages
Non-Fiction: Weight Loss
Rating: 4 Cups

Meet a mother and daughter who have tried every diet under the sun, only to find pounds returning. Not wanting to try another fad diet or one that consists of starvation, they choose something simple that would not even be referred to as dieting. After putting on their thinking caps they came up with a practical design that would only consist of consuming the number of calories to maintain a healthy weight. Their ingenious idea became Eucalorics. It is not about dieting but about eating correctly and maintaining the body to work well, just like a fine tuned automobile. They set their goals, followed the plan, and succeeded. Now they wish to spread the good news.

Calorie Queens – Living Thin in a Fat World, revels in realistic expectations and accepting responsibilities in one’s life. We all have the ability to determine how we are going to live our life. We can do it healthy or just let ourselves go. Either way we are the ones that set the path we choose.

I liked the part where the author states how an overweight person can feel the same as a model. Both are usually finding fault in their life no matter what size they represent. I have found that to be true. The authors had been there and understood. The best part I enjoyed was The Plan that included over 100 scrumptious recipes. Even though I have only tried a few, they are truly delicious and fit in for anyone calorie conscious.  

Jackie Scott and Diane Scott Kellum have written a different dieting book. They give the dieter some one-on-one inspiration since they have been through diets and offer some humor along the way. They understand what the dieter faces in everyday temptations. Since they have been there, they understand what it means to live in a world that revolves around the on-going battle to stay thin. I highly recommend this book not only to dieters but anyone that may wish to change their eating habits. These two women have really done their research.

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